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About Cocoon Fitness

Cocoon Fitness was built on the belief that anybody can experience success in their fitness journey if shown the right way to get the best results. Cocoon Fitness believes showing and teaching individuals how to achieve real results comes with integrity and honesty. Cocoon Fitness will not sacrifice its integrity by endorsing or selling "quick fix" schemes or short term fitness fads in order to make quick money. The Cocoon Fitness methods are real and genuine. They are not easy and they are not quick but with accountability, integrity, and support; Cocoon Fitness can help anybody who has the determination, dedication and discipline.

Cocoon Fitness fat loss and body transformation strategies have been formulated by a combination of University education, personal training expertise and elite level of competitive bodybuilding experience. Whether you are an individual who is looking to lose 50 pounds or more, or an advanced exerciser looking to only lose 10 pounds to lean out; then Cocoon Fitness can teach you how to reach your goal!


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Specialized Diet Plans

Every diet plan is designed by an expert for your goal and adjusted throughout your fitness journey. Experience freedom of choice with your diet plan through our specially designed software program.


Have an expert with over 20 years experience in fitness, over 12 years experience as a personal trainer competitive bodybuilder, Kinesiology major and a registered nurse coach you. You will be in close communication with your coach by email, phone and text for follow ups and having your questions answered.

Workout Plans

You don't just get a nutrition plan you also get exercise plans that will boost your metabolism, for optimal results.

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Checkout our very popular and successful plans, the Butterfly Transformation Plan, Body Shaping Plan and Harmony Plan.

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Cocoon Fitness - Head Office

Cocoon Fitness
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Ultimately it is up to the individual to make the changes in one's life in order to achieve a fitness goal but cocoon fitness will provide every opportunity to succeed.

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